With over five decades of experience in the Maine landscaping industry, we can confidently say that we’ve learned a thing or two. If we had to combine all that we have learned into a single principle, we’d say this: “Quality matters.” Few things impress our customers more than the excellent quality and craftsmanship that’s instilled in everything we do. From the initial planning stages to the final execution of your landscaping project, we’re confident that the way we change your landscape will exceed your expectations.

Established in 1974 by David Farley in Rockport, Maine, Farley Inc. stands as a testament to family-owned excellence in landscaping. Through a focus on quality workmanship and service, Farley Inc. has expanded its business from a small lawn and garden company to an enterprise that offers full-service, year-round maintenance, landscape construction, earthwork, and hardscape services. Our commitment to excellence and quality will keep every aspect of your landscaping needs met with precision and care.

Farley Inc. offers an extensive array of services catering to residential, municipal, and commercial projects. When it comes to our full-service, year-round property maintenance, we cover everything from lawn and garden maintenance, snow removal, and fall & spring cleanup to pool area maintenance and irrigation system upkeep. Our repertoire also includes landscape construction, stonework and masonry, and earthwork services.



Taking steps to create a beautiful landscape you can be proud of is only half the battle. Let our teams keep your property safe and looking its best all year long. Leave your mowing, garden maintenance, irrigation, fall & spring cleanup, pool maintenance, and snow removal needs with our full-service maintenance experts.

earrthwork granite wall in progress


Our Earthworks service is meticulously designed to sculpt your landscape with precision and care. Whether it’s grading, excavation, or shoreline stabilization, Farley Inc. ensures the highest standards of craftsmanship. Trust us to transform your terrain, creating a foundation that stands the test of time.

stone patio overlooking maine harbor


Here at Farley Inc, our Hardscapes service crafts some of Maine’s best stone artistry; each stone is carefully selected and expertly cut to enhance the aesthetic and durability of your outdoor space. From retaining walls to decorative features, our skilled team transforms stone and brick into timeless structures.